The London Legacy: Usain Bolt a legend and tribute to the world

Track and field needed a hero due to cases of doping going out of control, yet it came in the form of a courageous young man from Trelawny, Jamaica. That man ended his illustrious career at the Track and Field World Championships in London 2017 . Where, unfortunately the legendary athlete did not end with the gold medals that he won in previous years in dominant fashion at this event, winning a bronze medal in the 100 m and ending with an injury to his hamstring pulling up in the 4 x 100 m race. We the fans are still grateful for he is human after all, and FR Sports wishes him a proper recovery and well deserved rest.


(Global super star Usain St. Leo Bolt)

This lion hearted athlete has transcended the sport in many ways that most athletes could only dream about, appearing in major commercials with global companies, interacted with other stars of other sports such as Portugese football super star Christiano Ronaldo as a big Manchester United fan, and Hollywood stars like British actor Jason Statham. He has been featured in many celebrity advertisements for many global companies with a net worth of US $34.2 million on the Forbes list of top earners in sports.

Thanks for the memories

A man on a mission, Usain St. Leo Bolt has wowed the world and can be said to be the greatest athlete that ever performed in the world of sport. One of the many things that persons can count on saying is that, he did it with so much style, confidence and charisma that the sport of track and field will not be the same ever again no matter who takes up the mantle as the next poster child. He wowed the world of sport and has created a vision of being larger than life, when only one person can be motivated and is determined to dream.


(11 Time Olympic and World Gold Medalist)

He gave to his family, he gave to his nation and he ultimately gave to the world, in such a way, that despite the struggles or flaws or mistakes persons may crucify him for. He is worth the respect he commands.

New Objectives

For Bolt, the world waits what he will decide as his next move as one can imagine various industries are awaiting his gold medal Midas touch to their brands, initiatives or any new project.

All in all, he deserves the adulation and right script to be written for his next chapter in whatever career he decides to choose. Should he choose another high glamour career, he must ensure that it is a winning formula with his well known brand, so that he can continue to build and cement his brand in the world.

Thank you Usain Bolt for the inspirational runs.

By: Sheldon Wright

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