Who will be the next Usain Bolt, or will there ever be?

Swag Medz

By: Sheldon Wright

It is amazing how one talented human being can supersede all natural forms of logic; no one would have believed that a human being can run as fast as 9.58 seconds over 100m making it a track world record. Yet, one man rose up to bring a new dimension to modern day sprinting. Tall, lanky, with the charisma and a bravado ego that cannot go unnoticed, especially when he does an interview, he states that he wants legendary status. Indeed he is the Honorable Dr. Usain St. Leo Bolt, 2 times Olympic and 4 times World Champion for the 100m and 200m and don’t you forget that, Jamaica’s pride and joy, a living legend. This great legendary sprinter has achieved it all, and done it all, can anyone in this time frame even come close to replicating what the Lightning Bolt has done, would be more than extraordinary, or does lightning strike twice?

Usain Bolt salutes

What does it mean to become a legend? It represents a symbol of excellence, the bench mark that mere mortals seek to aspire towards. For persons to dream of becoming a legend, one must appreciate that not everyone, is able to maximize their potential, to benefit from the sacrifices made. This is someone that despite all odds, achieves what to many seems the impossible.

There are a lot of fast Jamaican athletes coming up, such as Javon Minzie, Dexter Lee, Michael Martin just to name a few, but can they match up to a feat like the one the legend has carved out for himself. Given the difficulty in maximizing ones potential in training, let alone equal this feat, it would be amazing to see who could ever come close to doing as well, as Usain Bolt has done. Other questions to ask are, is talent enough, because a lot of athletes have suffered the shame and disgrace of testing positive for banned substances. Therefore Usain Bolt for me seems to be one of a kind and one of a lifetime. It seems pretty much impossible for another athlete to come nearly as close to doing this extraordinary level of sprinting.  

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