Ché Beckford

Ché Beckford

D.O.B: May 22, 1988

 Che Beckford
Physical Stats
Nationality: Jamaican Weight: 184 lbs
Age: 26 years old Height: 6’ 4”
Sports Stats
Sport: Badminton Position/Style: Left-hand


World Rankings: 758 in Singles; 753 in Doubles; and 802 in Doubles.


Sporting Philosophy: No pain no gain! Working hard will produce results. When I am on the court, I work even harder to get the results. You expect your opponent to give 100%, so I give them 200% and leave no stone unturned. I do not always win but I play to win, no one respects even a good loser.

Player Bio:

Che Beckford, otherwise called “Alex” grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, was born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. He attended Mona Preparatory School and Jamaica College, and later completed one year at Calabar High School. During his tentative years, he was described as a very active and jovial person who played many sports in school, which included swimming and track and field.  He also has won several medals and trophies playing these sports.

Che’s ambition is to be the top ten player in the world before he leaves the Badminton sport. He further seeks to work in the music and media industries as a producer and to further his education.

Badminton has enabled him to be exposed to different people from varied cultural background; and just like the revolutionary leader Che Gueverra, if given the chance, he hopes to create a revolution for the sport of Badminton world-wide.

Che has been recently elected as the representative for the Jamaica National Badminton Players. He will seek to help players establish a structure that will enable them to address issues affecting them, as well as provide a platform to help sensitise the populace about the sport.

After Badminton, he hopes to further assist with the development of the sport as a coach; and will launch into the music industry as a music producer, as he currently enjoys being a disc jockey.


 Motivational Statement:

“I look at the times I struggle through life, and I say to myself, no matter what I will never give up, no matter what people say about me, or how tough it gets, I will always believe in myself. It’s a good thing I had music, sometimes it helps to make the pain go away, and I am in my own world. My knee injury was very hard to get over, but if it were not for my coach Neil Lewis who has been like a father figure to deal with it, especially for someone as stubborn as I am; I probably wouldn’t have made it this far. I give thanks to my patient mother, who has always been there for me; and now I want to make her and my family proud by striving to become one of the best in this sport. Let the games begin.”

Che Beckford



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