Bolt or Gatlin, which Track ego will supersede the other?

Swag Medz

By: Sheldon Wright

Usain “Lightening” Bolt is gearing up for his 5th World Championships, which will be a great spectacle to see him and other super star athletes line up against each other, at the place where Bolt established his world record time in an amazing fashion, at the Birds nest in Beijing China at the Olympic Games in 2008.

Track shoes laces tied or not, Bolt at his best is hard to beat, but with the current world champion and world record holder over the 100m at 9.58 seconds and 200m at 19.19 seconds, not in super form in recent years, and his only respectable time of this year coming at the Stratford Anniversary games in England in winning times of 9.87seconds, is there a cause for concern?

It has been almost two years since the legendary sprinter in Bolt has been consistently running at a high level of the money Diamond League circuit. As far as FR Sports is concerned Bolt has not shown the super powers he exhibited in the past as an elite athlete. However we all know that he knows when to perform when it matters the most. As far as the big man is concerned, once his coach is satisfied, he is happy and ready to defend his titles.


Justin Gatlin though, he has been the main performer lately, running consistent times of 9.75 seconds in Lausanne and 9.74 seconds in Doha of this year while dispatching other top performers in Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell in the process. He believes not only will win the world championships but even lower the current 100m and 200m world records. But maybe Gatlin does have something up his sleeve; we at FR Sports just hope he is not found guilty again for any doping violation, for three strikes and he would definitely be out of the sport having already been banned on two occasions.

Outgoing president of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Liame Diack has come out strongly to defend the sport amid recent reports data from 12,000 blood test between 2001 and 2012 revealed alarming suspicious results, and that 50 Olympic and World Championships gold medals could be tainted by drug use.

At this World Championships in Beijing China, let’s see if the Lightning in Bolt does indeed strike twice and that Bolt can still vanquish an old enemy who wants his crown back as world champion. Let’s see Jamaica and other Caribbean nations take on the world once more.

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