Bolt Reigns Supreme

Swag Medz

By: Sheldon Wright

Majestic Bolt

Old foe vanquished and the legend continues Usain “Lightening” Bolt triumphs again. It is seemingly important to observe, especially where this World championship 100m race is concerned that it was a very close encounter and it proves as the famous Jamaican Reggae artist Sizzla said “You can’t keep a good man down”. Usain Bolt beat his main rival for this contest by 100th of a second running 9.79 seconds while Just Gatlin ran 9.80 seconds, 300th of a second slower than his semi-final race, to win the men’s 100m race. Everyone in this race must however be applauded.


However it is clearly evident that Bolt always finds a way to rise to the occasion when it matters the most, it’s almost like a trademark style now. As for FR Sports we believe that many other athletes and coaches will be clamoring to know the training secrets of Usain and his coach Glen Mills. After this, will fans doubt Bolt’s super stardom ever again and become faithless and ungrateful, leading up the Olympics in Rio Brazil.

Gatlin Should Be Respected

At this point, persons need to understand, that sports has now become big business, and as far as this equally awaited showdown is concerned. FR Sports believes everyone got their monies worth. It was billed to be one of the biggest clashes in Track and field history and for sport in general. And it successfully lived up to its billing.

Gatlin knows

There are numerous reports that there are a number of athletes have tested positive, and fans needed a rivalry to focus on. Gatlin while committed two doping violations and was subsequently given his punishment has now come back and helped to reignite a fire within the sport and the Great Usain Bolt himself. As far as FR Sports is concerned he provided a pivotal platform for what the sport needed, which was a rivalry that transcended the sport amidst a time of crisis.

Asafa Misery continues

Asafa Powell

Can this athlete ever win an individual gold medal? Well the Jamaican team captain will definitely have to wait a bit longer for it is evidently clear that Asafa just doesn’t have what it takes to win at this level of competition. Sorry better luck next time. Placing a disappointing 7th, with a time of 10 seconds flat. One may ask who is to blame, but all fingers should be pointed now at Asafa himself for his own demise. But chin up hopefully the best is yet to come. He fought hard winning the National Jamaica trials to get back to this level, and should be respected despite the heavy criticisms that he receives, however now; when he decides to retire, he should be doing his best to leave the sport as gracefully as he can.

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