Are Minor Sports in Jamaica given the chance to shine?

Swag Medz

By: Sheldon Wright

FR Sports Staff Writer

The thing about a bandwaggonist being there for you only when you’re doing well, is how amazing they make their presence known and yet you wonder how much effort or money does it take keep the interest of these avid fans keep asking for more. Sports such as Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis and other sports that don’t get the same mentions as most of other major sports struggle to gain the respectable level of investments as the major sports such as Track and Field, Football and Cricket, and it is of grave concern for the players and stake holders. With a recent announcement by the Government to invest $60 million JA in Track and Field and a welfare insurance program, it is a wonder how these other sports fit into the scheme of things.

Given the fact that these sports do not have massive stadiums that are able to sell them to the big sponsors, it’s not a big marketing tool to draw affluent sponsors in. At the end of the day, in business, one has to understand, that there has to be something to be offered in order to get something in return.

However one must look at how David tackled and defeated Goliath, as far as Front Runner (FR) Sports is concerned, there are many instances, unexpected contenders, have bigger hearts than you can imagine. Go out and perform beyond the anticipated beliefs. So we at FR Sports want to encourage major corporate entities to take a chance on these so called smaller minor sports.

Upcoming talent that needs investment

Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry (Jamaican International

Badminton Player)

Looking at the likes of professional athletes Gareth Henry who plays Badminton for Jamaica, or Chris Binnie a squash player who have both dominated local and Caribbean play, but both of them are in need of investment to move to the next level and would love to gain the necessary points to qualify for the next Olympics in Rio Brazil, but with the limited financial support, it begs the question how far their National Associations will gain the respected support.

Here is the reality, it doesn’t matter the sport, the equipment, to nutrition and supplements, to travelling, meals and accommodation expenses can indeed rack up quite a bill. But other countries are doing it. Yet the fact that Jamaicans can get the result as sports men and women must show that it’s a sacrifice and worthwhile investment.

Chris Binnie Squash player

Chris Binnie (Jamaican International

Squash player)

However here is the next side to the situation, it is of FR Sports view that the members of the fraternities of these so called minor sports, need to also just figure out how to deal with these struggling financial situation, and make no excuses. There are ways how to market a sport, just need to find the time to get it done. So if it means to write their business plans, or hire professionals to market their sports to compete with the bigger boys, then so be it.

Long are the days when someone will feel sorry for you, just because you seem weak and helpless. Now are the days when you have to stand up and stand out.

Please let us know your views by commenting on this article and discuss and suggest anything sports related to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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