Should Jamaica host an official IAAF World Championships?

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By: Sheldon Wright

FR Sports Staff Writer

Regardless of Jamaica being a tiny country, Jamaica has lit up the world in athletics. Now is the time for Jamaica Amateur Athletics Association (JAAA) to start thinking big. At FR Sports we are not talking about track and field invitationals or popular 5k events. Regardless of the naysayers or the persons in logistics who may say it cannot physically happen. Jamaica should host a world class IAAF certified World Athletics Championships event. Here are my suggestions:

Make the world want to come to Jamaica for sports

How about using two stadiums in Jamaica or even having a joint host with another Caribbean Country, because here is the reality, Jamaica and the Caribbean has significantly contributed to the World in top quality sprinters. Just like Bahamas is able to host the world relays event, Jamaica can pitch a strong enough international event for the sport to come to the sprint capital, producing world renowned Usain “Lightning “ Bolt and top female sprinter Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce.

National-Stadium1 JA

(The National Jamaican stadium at Independence Park)

There would definitely be financial gains in terms of the Jamaican tourism industry getting a boost; however can Jamaica properly host such a world class event? Yet I put it to the administrators of the Jamaican Amateur Athletics Association (JAAA) to see how feasible something like this is and not make excuses.

Successful athletes should be enough to attract the world and it should take anything from Jamaica to market our legendary athletes to the world. Jamaica should take this serious and push this event as the greatest event the world has ever seen. As the birth place of some of the greatest male and female sprinters of all time, we owe it to our nation and our people who have build a great venue and a great event.

Replace Sugar Plantations with Modernized stadiums

I suggest we move from industries such as sugar cane plantations and use these fields to build modernized stadiums because these do not despite many people think contribute significantly to the countries economy but they only serve as remnants of slavery. Or utilize these plantations for other economic boosting facilities.

The authorities who make these decisions should think about creative means to make the sports industry more beneficial as it shows that Jamaica and the Caribbean is the place where the birth place of many great athletes are born.

Jamaica and the Caribbean has contributed World Athletics

It is never easy to travel to other parts of the world, and yes it is always a delight to travel to various parts of the world, however Jamaica needs to be recognized as a potential venue to host a major event. Now it is time to repay this small island with the opportunity to host such an event of its magnitude.

We have hosted the cricket World Cup and we do, believe it or not have world class event coordinators and organizers. The T20 Caribbean Premier League a fast paced and exciting cricket event, dubbed the biggest party in sport, is a case in point to suggest that the Caribbean can stage such an event. Once there is proper planning in place, who says it can’t be done.

Please let us know your views by commenting on this article and discuss and suggest anything sports related to Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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2 thoughts on “Should Jamaica host an official IAAF World Championships?

  1. Wishful thinking – the infrastructure is not available- Kingston the largest English speaking city off the American mainland does not have two thousand hotel rooms. Where are you going to put the people coming to the event to stay much more so the participating athletes. Even if you were to put people in the available hotels all over the north coast how are the participants and the visitors to be shuttled all over the island on the existing infrastructure available. Jamaica is is desperate need of a new National Stadium complex to be built comparable to an Olympic Village capable of eventually hosting once more the Commonwealth Games . Pithy the vision required dos not exist. The erudition of a the character and level of integrity of N W Manley has yet to be duplicated in Jamaica which was the vision that created the current National Stadium that put Jamaica on the map with the historic successful hosting of the Commonwealth Games of 1966.

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