Jamaica’s Brand of football is Cheap

Swag Medz

By: Sheldon Wright

FR Sports Staff

Football is loved everywhere, and Jamaicans love their football, however it is clear that once you’re saying that you have Jamaican lineage, you can immediately wear the colours of the Reggae Boyz and come and represent Jamaica without having set one foot on Jamaican soil. This after a lack luster showing in a losing effort to Panama 2-0 at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica managed to claw it’s way back into contention for the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifications Tuesday night November 17 against the Haitain’s with a 1-0 win.

The winning goal in Haiti coming from an England based player Clayton Donaldson, a new recruit, who like most foreign players probably couldn’t get into the England set up, so they resort to other National teams of their parents home countries. So I guess we should be grateful. There is also speculation that the poor showing of the Reggae Boyz against Panama was due to the lack of an agreement being reached between the National players and the Jamaica Football Federation over monetary compensations.

JFF and ISSA needs a program to foster school boy talent

Many cries has been proclaimed about the need to include more local based school boy footballers in the National football program, which is mainly due to the hype that sponsors shower around the well known tournament in Jamaica of the Manning and Dacosta Cup and especially now, the FLOW Champions Cup. However there needs to be some concerted collaboration between the two defining bodies, the Jamaican Football Federation (JFF) and the Inter- Secondary School Association (ISSA).

ISSA have showed how good they are at organizing this tournament, especially with the corporate companies such as FLOW, however a notable program that would direct the talents of these players into more International level training may boost the prospect of developing a future elite level program.


(A St. Georges College high school football team)

Jamaica losing Gold Cup Momentum

Showing much promise after making the Gold Cup final for the first time in history losing to Mexico in the final, this was supposed to be the perfect display of a solid Jamaica team. However it seems that coming close to victory at that level has rendered the Reggae Boyz a bit too complacent. The Reggae Boyz needs to show on a consistent basis that they can compete with the football powerhouses in the Concacaf region.

Local Clubs needs to garner investment for their clubs

In order to see success, local clubs needs more support, and it is imperative that local clubs realize better support with a more solid business structure. It is clearly evident that most corporate sponsors want to see something worthwhile to invest in. The clubs are where talent are supposed to be unearthed from.

This could be simply down to management skills needs to be of a higher order, just as how clubs are run in first world countries and more investment from overseas sports equipment giants. So it begs to question, do we want to really make sport a business in Jamaica?

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