Playing Cricket for free or for a big fee

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By: Sheldon Wright

FR Sports Staff Writer

BACK THEN WHEN THE WEST ALWAYS WON, the Caribbean enjoyed the flurry of superior victories from legendary players such as Garfield Sobers, VIV Richards, Brian Lara, Courtney Walsh etc, not like now when the West Indies Cricket has offered some of the worst cricket the world has ever seen. There is a time when people do not remember the mighty West Indian TITANS that used to dominate world cricket in the 70’s and 80’s. So what seriously was the difference between cricketers of long ago, as opposed to modern cricketers of today? Should cricketers seek to play for the love of the game, or the money it has to offer?

The drama of the being an entertainer has its boundaries

Wow, this just in, things have really gotten off to a rocky start for West Indian super star Christopher Henry Gayle for the year, who even though no longer plays Test cricket, enjoys life in the world of T20X20 cricket action for various leagues around the world, and knows all about the money. Gayle can be said to love his cricket, and let’s face it, the crowd is here to see him hit big shots over the boundary, and even out of the stadium on some occasions. But with kids and parents and women out to see him perform, can he ever do any wrong? However, this time he might have, I suppose not every boundary should be overstepped, and Gayle while playing for the Melbourne Renegades in Australia’s Big Bash League, was on this occasion hit with a whopping US $10,000 fine for hitting that flirty bug boundary on Australian Channel 10 news reporter Mel Mclaughlin.

I suppose he got a dose of his own medicine, amidst numerous reports from other female journalist describing the tall Jamaican as “intimidating” and “creepy. Whooooooo, well that is sad, but at least some of the crowd doesn’t seem to want to equally tear him to pieces, as they seem to be fully behind their star man as the Australian Big Bash keeps staying in full swing in a recent match.

gayle vs Mel

(Jamaican Chris Gayle being interviewed by Australian Mel Mclaughlin)

But this is the life of a cricketing super star, he has his mess to deal with and sometimes may have to even clean it up himself. This, after seeming really angry with the whole procedure, when he appeared to apologize to Ms. Mclaughlin who is not married by the way, and even telling a journalist to “please be quiet” while he gave his apology, OUCH. That one must have really connected with the reporter, but Gayle obviously was annoyed, by what he claims were just a “silly joke”. Sorry Gayle, i guess the joke is on you this time.

Are the resources available for West Indian Cricketers?

Does the West Indies and most of the cricket playing countries in the West Indies, honestly have the resources to develop top elite level cricket players. Can we honestly compete with first world nations with more money and better training facilities to prove that we can dominate the game once more? Or should we just ship most of our top talent to other nations for development and screw what the West Indies has to offer. Even though we did it in the past, those guys in those eras loved their cricket, sad to say, not many players can say that now, especially with the T20 leagues raking in so much money.

Seriously can most of our young talent, should just be sent into a contractual agreement with top cricket countries such as England, Australia, South Africa, and then when the time comes, they represent the West Indies. Something like what happens with football in Europe, most of the talent goes to developed leagues when they are young and play for their national teams.

The West Indies Cricket Board just does not have the means to sustain the sport, and must come to a realization of this by now. I promote that we can develop the sport in the region, but it’s obvious no one is willing to foot that kind of bill.

Can you imagine well trained and disciplined players who actually adhere to rules and regulations and perform at a high level? What more can you ask for than that, so I propose a serious partnership in full drive be promoted and considered, because it’s getting really annoying watch the great WEST INDIES CRICKET, NOW BECOMING THE WORST INDIES CRICKET TEAM.


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