JFF vs Phoenix All Stars Football Club (Part 2)

Swag Medz

FR Sports Staff Writer

By: Sheldon Wright

Football is the most important sport in the world, and with Jamaica’s reputation of loving football, the faithful few are roaring for progress, even a way to uplift their heroes, through maybe create even folklore of football demi-gods. However, it’s interesting to observe how Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) has struggled to consistently produce world class footballers such as Jamaica’s athletes in the sport of Track and field or cricket.

So FR Sports has decided to make it our solemn duty to discover what the main problem is, for our footballers, while attempting to unravel the issue between the JFF and Phoenix All Star Academy, who seem to have a vision. For it is things like this affects the development of local football and stagnates Jamaica from catapulting our footballers unto to the world stage. Therefore, does Jamaica seek to recruit football talent from overseas or develop talent? Is it the responsibility of local clubs or the football federation?

Development of football

In Jamaica, we see the local track and field has the primary school level championships for track and field. The coaching is at a reasonably high standard, for we can tell which athletes will be more successful at a higher standard. We understand that it takes cash to care, and we at FR Sports are interested in understanding what are the requirements to get Jamaica’s football going again in order to be successful, honestly we at FR Sports believe, that Jamaica can produce world class footballers but they have to start from their young. These footballers need a system of development, and it is of FR Sports belief that the JFF should provide avenues for this.

JFF image

(Jamaica football Federation)

Phoenix Endorsement

Sources confirm that the Phoenix academy is indeed fully endorsed by sports equipment giants Nike. Something which FR Sports has never seen for any local premier league team in Jamaica, not even the Jamaica National team, let alone a small club such as Phoenix. That must be some serious strings being pulled or some great negotiation skills. Sources confirm that Phoenix is looking to provide other footballers such as Kevaughn Atkinson, Travis Blagrove, and Kemo Jackson looking to get ready for trials in Europe soon.

Phoenix have also partnered with sports management company Doyen Global, which manages super star footballers of David Beckham, Neymar Jr, Xavi, just to name a few and track star Usain Bolt.

Craig Butler and crew Phoenix

(From left: Craig Butler, Leon Bailey, Kyle Butler, Dimitri De Conde’ of Genk)

Leon Bailey became the first footballer in the Caribbean region to become an ambassador of Nike at the age of 16 2013. FR Sports has learned that after receiving training from the fires of Phoenix, Bailey and a number of others have been able to stand toe to toe with Europe’s elite.

Can any other football club replicate this model and can we see football grow locally in Jamaica?

Look out for Part 3 to this story

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