Triple Victory for West Indies Cricket

Swag Medz

FR Staff Writer

By: Sheldon Wright

Simply unbelievable! The team dubbed the Worst Indies Cricket team, has now begun to show signs that they can be the best crop of West Indian players alive, even if it is at the T20 format of the game.  To be fair, the West Indies team has shown a great level of competence in this format of the game, since winning the World T20 World Cup back in 2012.

As we turn our attention a bit from football in Jamaica to West Indies Cricket, we must give them a round of applause for an outstanding feat. The West Indies have won three international cricket tournaments in a calendar year, namely the under-19 cricket tournament, the Women’s T20 cricket, and the Men’s T20 international cricket. This is an achievement that no other cricket playing nation has ever been able to accomplish. Yet, a team written off on many occasions as being made up of overpaid primadonnas stunned the world to record success. I daresay that they should all now bring all the triple success of trophies and celebrate at the Triple Century restaurant, which I hope they have compliments of Chris Gayle of course.

West Indies Leadership

It takes a big man to fill the shoes of the great West Indian players that graced the game. Hat’s off to all three captains Darren Sammy (Men), Stephanie Taylor (Women), Shimron Hetmyer (Under 19) of the victorious teams. It now seems that these captains have developed a lot more fire in their stomach to accomplish what they set out to do, “WIN”. Nothing more, nothing less that the West Indian people have been asking for, they are tired of the disillusionment of participating and not doing well.

Now can we see the leadership of the West Indies cricket board carry out their duties to the West Indian players and for the people who support the game? So Mr. Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron, what’s next? Because it begs the question, who is responsible for the success of West Indian cricket, is it the West Indian Board, is it the players, the fans, the parents who sacrifice for the cricketers development in the first place?

Test Match Cricket

Despite being less attractive for the modern day spectator, test cricket remains the ultimate form of cricket. It tests ones perseverance, concentration, resilience, and fortitude against all odds. Many times we look at this scenario of the West Indies unifying its forces to build a quality team as it was back in the 70s and 80s, and wonder against all the odds how did they stand up to so much fortitude and be successful.

Windies test team

(West Indies players celebrating a rare test victory)

How can the West Indies develop their cricketers to manage the pressure in this format of the game? Because it is understandable, that West Indies needs more investment.  And, it is our belief at FR Sports that the West Indies can become a force to be reckoned with again at this level.

Let’s see what unfolds as the West Indies conclude their Tri-Nation 50 over series in the Caribbean between world # 1 Australia and World # 3 South Africa.

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