“Dadz” Jamaica’s strongest Man

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FR Sports Staff Writer

By: Sheldon Wright

Jamaica is known for its Track success, however what many may not know, is that there are many successes on the field as well. Jason “Dadz” Morgan as he is affectionately called is one of the few successful Discuss throwers who have represented Jamaica with distinction. Being a Common Wealth Games and IAAF Continental Cup bronze medalist in 2014. Unfortunately Dadz was unable to qualify for the team to the Olympics in Rio Brazil 2016 as he placed fourth at the National Jamaican Track & Field championships.

This is a special tribute to the big man, for as I started building this company Front Runner (FR) Sports Management, I too have been impacted by Jason “Dadz” Morgan, we normally speak through social media however have met in person when he hosted his birthday party, and still talk to this day.

It is amazing how one man has that much fire to push himself despite the challenges that present itself.


One of the notable attributes that Dadz has shown is his fearlessness to go after his dreams of bringing his sport to the highest possible level. It is possible Morgan is the name synonymous with leadership as we can also recall a not expected man in the form of Wes Morgan who captained the successful Leicester City to become champions of the English Premier League.

Jason Dadz Morgan

(Jason “Dadz” Morgan International Discuss thrower)


It is my firm belief and I truly believe that of the FR Sports team, that one must possess a distinct level of leadership to make this happen. Since the level that Jason has pushed he has allowed field events athletes to become more recognizable and respected in this discipline, which is overshadowed by the success of track athletes.

When you’re in the heat of battle, it is good when you can rely on the inspiration of a fellow comrade who has the battle scars to show. Youth is great, however someone to shoulder some of the pressure can still be an asset.

For there are some soldiers who may not get the gold but they provide their shield to block possible attacks from an enemy, for sounding the battle cry is never easy but still a priviledge.

Motivational spirit

Through his motivational posts and quotes on social media, as a devout man of God, he displays his training regiments and goes hard no matter the pain. With a mentality of suffering now, and reaping the rewards later, Jason has transcended the level of a normal athlete, to one who is saving lives.

Recalling to persons who comment on his Facebook page in particular, where one person wanted to commit suicide, but it was because of the motivation that Jason wrote, gave that young man the will to not go through with that act.

Jason is truly not only the strongest man physically but an emotionally strong man, strong enough to shed tears on television asking desperately for support from corporate Jamaica and anyone to help him realize his dream.

Thankfully equipment giants answered the call and sponsored Jason which is amazing in itself, one which Dadz is grateful for. So there are many gems to take from Jason story, that yes he was not selected to represent Jamaica for reasons pertaining to his ability to perform at the big event, but rest assured, that you are a winner in the hearts of many persons regardless.

 Jason Morgan Puma

 (Jason “Dadz” Morgan outfitted in his Puma gears)


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