Jamaica’s Football Dream- Russia Campaign

FR Sports Writer

Sheldon Wright

These World Cup qualifiers represent a great opportunity to set the things right that have been wrong with Jamaican football for a long time now. In two years time, we will see the cream of the crop grow to full bloom. The proverbial pretenders banished to obscurity of the football world to poorly funded local leagues, uninterested sponsors and lack of crowd support who will play at the FIFA World Cup in Russia 2016.

As the FIFA World Cup is set to get on its way in Russia, in two years time for football lovers a blink away, there are two major games to precede. On September 2 in Panama City we will face the hometown boys while Haiti awaits out combat on September 6 in Kingston, Jamaica for the Reggae Boyz.

Jamaica’s football needs to wake up to the call of a nation that it will no longer sit by and watch as other teams progress globally while Jamaica sit on the sidelines. We too want to be legendary, and that cannot happen on the bench or in the stands.


(Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz Giles Barnes #9 celebrating after scoring with other teammates in jubilant mood)

Call for a different approach

Jamaica has the talent and we need to understand that most of our competitors have been professionals from they were children. We have to start getting our younger players into bigger clubs from the elementary stages to stand a chance against the big boys in world football.

Our style of football with the inclusion of the local talent and overseas professionals need to be identifiable, in order for the brand of Jamaica’s football to grow. There are opportunities for growth however the passion for development has to be evident.

Young players in football development camp

 (Young footballers in a camp in Nigeria)

Play dominant attacking football

Goals win games, so players need to attack the goal better and be more consistent; Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are not worth the type of money they are by tamely kicking the ball at the goal keeper. They are ferocious lions in attack, trying to devour any team that they come across. When can we see attacking football in its finest and purest form from this team of players. It’s almost as if we just don’t want to see Jamaica savour to watch our star players take down a team.

Therefore Schaffer needs to bring that level of intensity to the football game and create more developed footballers who can compete on the global stage.

Swag Medz

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