Does it take death to see change?

By: Sheldon Wright

School boy football is just supposed to be a fun fan fair event for local rivalries to take place and allow bragging rights. Instead Jamaicans had to witness the tragic loss of a future star. Dominic James the captain of the St. Georges Manning Cup football team who collapsed and died tragically after a tackle on the football field which revealed heart complications in a school boy Manning Cup game against Excelsior High school 2016.

Is it that the local school boy football and football fraternity in general are not keeping up with football globally? For if we can look at this death now and decide to implement testing for footballers in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG) which is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. Then what about other developments in the game such as goal line technology, better referee standards, better football fields so players are not injured on a frequent basis?


(Dominic James, deceased Captain and role model of St. Georges College football team)

England Bolton Player

In England Fabrice Muamba a footballer from Bolton Wanderers that was apart of the English Premier League top division also suffered a similar fate. In March 2012, Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup was pronounced to be dead for about 78 minutes but thank goodness for the medical attention that he received. He was able to still pull through but after medical advice decided to retire from professional football.


(Fabrice Muamba, retired Bolton Wanderers player from his time in the English Premier League)


It’s almost as if the necessary authorities will not take the initiative to put measures in place to protect the lives of games players. However can we compare both scenarios where one life was saved in a first world country where the resources are available, as opposed to the third world country that is behind in its technology and development. Can we compare the two scenarios?

Initiatives must be taken

In Jamaica it seems the people here, have a set of reactive people instead of proactive ones at times, and unfortunately a life is lost as a result and that life must teach the lives of others to value their circumstance. So, it seems one has to see something tragic happen before some things are put in place, which goes back to the leadership capabilities of the persons in charge of certain sectors and organizations. We can even compare this to what we see in the heights of the political arena in Jamaica.

Playing devils advocate, what if the parents of the young man were not so forgiving and decided to sue the organization based on the situation that occurred? Would that be enough to wake up the powers at be to take matters more seriously and run competitions professionally.

Measures need to be put in place, you may not be able to prepare for everything but it’s better to be prepared that be regretful.


Swag Medz

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