Statues for Olympic greats

By: Sheldon Wright

Legends come and leave an indelible mark, but heroes are also here to stay. Whenever we seek ways to ascertain the reason for living, we look to an ideal, something that someone has done to achieve worthwhile applause and momentary adulation from a respective crowd.

Sports, the performance arts, entertainment, have produced many great icons that give persons a symbol of hope in Jamaica. These symbols inspire us to move towards something greater to strive for and in Jamaica we have many sporting greats who we seek to emulate.

Symbolism of Statues

These statues are important as it showcases that dreams can indeed become a reality if persons are courageous enough to go after them.

Not that they become our idols to worship because that is reserved for God, and no man is God despite the God like status they reserve in any given society however something that represents hard work and great achievement. In order for the next generation to be able to come and emulate greatness, they need to see previous stars that have set the standard and also recognize them for their effort.


(A statue of the Legendary sprinter Arthur Wint alongside present super star Usain “Lightening” Bolt)

Securing Jamaica’s Legacy

Jamaica has come a long and far way in recognizing the hard work and sacrifice that sports men and women especially track and field athletes have put into their talent which is showcased to the world. And as Prime Minister of Jamaica the Honorable Andrew Holness says, we simply cannot repay them for how they build and promote brand Jamaica.

The powers at be as well as necessary stake holders who have a vested interest in the development of the sports industry must now put the right measures in place to ensure that our athletes are protected financially, medically, and symbolically.

So let us give these athletes the proper respect that they deserve whether we feel they deserve it or not. They continue to showcase greatness of little Jamaica to the world.



Swag Medz

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