Usain Bolt- Lights, Camera, Action

No Guts, No Glory, No Legend, No Story, and what a story Usian Bolt has had over his electrifying sporting career. For a man to make his life a movie is simply one reserved for legends, as Usain Bolt premiered his life story documentary entitled, “I Am Bolt” which was featured in London December 5th then in Jamaica the following day. While also announcing himself to be retiring from the sport in order to pursue other passions and satisfy his larger than life persona. How many people can say they are retiring from their regular pay check from their first job?

Legendary status achieved

This movie was a documentary showcasing the life of what it takes to be the fastest man alive. However to have a film made for you, is not only a reminder of the many accolades that Bolt has attained. It also shows the direct impact that the big man has made on people. Bolt has able to influence not only his sport but many persons outside of Track and Field itself. He is the ultimate super star and it is simply amazing. I personally have to look at ways in which there will ever be another phenomenal athlete of his kind.


(Cover of Usain Bolt’s documentary film “I AM BOLT”)

The sport needed a savior, due to taint left by drug cheats, who are selfish for world-class acclaim and therefore throw the sport into chaos. Bolt rose to the occasion and showcased his super human talent to the world.

Bolt’s Next Move

Having won everything in the track world, what else is there for the big man to look forward to? There are critical claims that after this movie, Bolt will head into the world of cinema and entertainment. His brand and image is already huge, so what’s to stop him from lining up beside A class actors and actresses such as Vin Diesel in the “Fast and the Furious” or Jason Statham in “The Transporter”. Usain Bolt has the required pedigree to hold his own on the big screen and bring audiences to life. Let’s just see what rollercoaster ride, he’s looking to bring us on next.

By: Sheldon Wright


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