10157194_10152992113392387_6286696211273300276_nSport’s is my passion, I breathe it, I read about it, I play it, and talk about it all the time. Sports saved my life, when I was a little boy I had terrible asthma. after giving my life to the Lord as a little boy I asked him to heal me. Since age ten I have never had an attack ever again. Later in life I found out that playing any sporting activity actually helped me with my asthmatic condition.

I graduated from Calabar High School, where I got into the University of the West Indies. Here I  graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature. I worked at the Star Newspaper at the Gleaner Company for one year. Sheldon 1I played Badminton throughout most of my high school life and made the high school Badminton team in my later years. It was at this time that  I was invited to the National junior squad at 19 years old, but quit the team in just three (3) months due to falling behind in school. I was nominated for the Prime Ministers Youth Award on two separate occasions in high school, and I’m notable for my investigative work on doing an amazing article (one of the very first) on Asafa Powell, the former fastest man in the world when he broke the world record for the very first time.Profile1After many experiences from school and work, I have decided to start my company “Front Runner Sports Management” and become a sports agent and manager, while still playing sports and seeking to become a professional football player.

I have great God-fearing parents Rev. Orlanzo and Elvia Wright who with a praying demeanor enabled me to become the man I am today. I have a younger sister Shenae Wright and brother Shaughn Wright, and twin brother and sister Shevaun and Shandell.

Welcome to Front Runner Sports Management, a labor of love from me to you…..


6 thoughts on “Founder

  1. Enjoyed reading your testimony! Excellent website! Love the runner logo! May God bless your endeavors! Phil. 4:13 You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!

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  2. I always feel uplifted by people’s achievers, especially fellow Jamaicans. Reason being that I can usually relate to some of the “struggles” in gaining these successes. It’s inspirational reading yet another. Keep it Up.

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