The Three Peat-Immortality

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Sheldon Wright

Being a super star reveals many attributes that mere mortals can only dream about in themselves. To have an insatiable appetite for success breaches the standard of disbelieving in one’s ability to make what seems impossible to many, become possible. Welcome to Rio Brazil everyone tuning into the Olympics that despite all the health concerns, all the construction hazards, and police and civilian protest. The greatest sporting event is now here.

Only Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt have won back to back titles at the Olympic Games but no other athlete has ever won three times. Now that Usain Bolt has now won the 100m gold medal, this represents more than just a legendary statement. This represents athletic IMMORTALITY.

To win three major gold medals in three separate Olympics is the unheard of until now. However this achievement by the great legend Usain St. Leo Bolt showcases what it means to push past ones limits and move into a new realm where dreams are made of.

This year seems to be the year where sporting greatness will be laid out as the greatest year for sporting excellence, from Lebron James winning the NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Leicester City winning the English Premier League to Cristiano Ronaldo winning the European championship with Portugal National Team. Many athletes seek after the illusive standard of having their names etched in the history books as the IMMORTAL sporting greats.

Legendary Status

It is clear for everyone to see, that this Olympics belongs to Usain Bolt, and this achievement is causing much excitement for if and when he accomplishes this remarkable feat, his name will more than live on for centuries to come. It is an important for the idea of becoming a legend. To give young men and women an ideal to run after, and believe that with hard work and dedication, dreams can really come true. Of course there must be a support system from family and friends as well in place where this will be launched from as well.

Athletics - Men's 100m Final

Usain Bolt of Jamaica with his signature pose after winning the gold medal in Men’s 100m Final at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday, August 14, 2016. Photo: Reuters

Dreamers Rule the World

Many persons are told to go after their dreams, but not everyone do in fact go after them like their life depended on it. The likes of Usain Bolt and even Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce represent persons who fought against the odds to achieve their dreams. Dreamers are important in this world of negativity and hate, but it is not only a dream but to have faith in self and go after it. Even if you fall like Mohamed Farah in the 10,000m get up and run. You might just win.

So continue to enjoy the rest of the Olympics, and the rest of the Bolt show. As it was said by actor Brad Pitt in the Movie Troy in a rumpus tone, “Immortality, take it, it’s yours”.

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